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Embedded Systems Interview Questions

These are some of the common questions asked during interviews for the position of Embedded Software developer. There are plenty of other questions as well, I will keep on updating the list.

1.       What is an inline function?
2.       How are macros different from functions?
3.       In embedded systems perspective which is better to use. Macro or function?
4.       What is a volatile keyword? How it helps in the embedded perspective?
5.       How ISR is serviced?
6.       What is interrupt latency?
7.       What are the stages of compilation?
8.       What is booting?
9.       What is PID?
10.   What is hysterysis?
11.   Co-relation between pointers and arrays?
12.   If A and B finishes a work in 5 days. Where is does the work twice that of B. Suppose they finished the work in 3 days and B is doing the work normally then at what rate should A work to finish the work in 3 days?
13.   What is a constant pointer?
14.   What is a memory leak in structures? How can we rectify that?
15.   When the execution id going to service a interrupt what happens to stack and what are the registers saved?
16.   Without using pointer write a program to print the elements of an array?
17.   How are unions useful in embedded systems?
18.   What is optimization?
19.   How many pins are used in SPI? What are they?
20.   Explain the Start and Stop operation of I2C protocol?
21.   Is it possible to access or modify PC (program counter)?
22.   If int data type is occupying 4 bytes then on how many bit  uC does the code is running?
23.   Is C++ a superset of C?
24.   All C programs are executable in C++? True or False Why?
25.  What is a static storage class? How is it useful?
26.  How static is different from auto?

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Thankyou, it will be of great help.

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exactly i am looking for such type of questions.thank u brother

Anonymous said...

Thanks..good collection!

Anonymous said...

update the list sir... :)

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