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Solar panel based Lead Acid battery charger-DOUBT!

Hello people,
I have a doubt actually!
See let me explain you everything in a simplest way.
I have a solar panel (12V,0.5A). This solar panel is supposed to charge a Lead Acid battery (12V,2A).
I can understand that battery charging requires constant current and the current and voltage is supposed to be higher than that of the battery or else the battery would charge the Panel (Kidding!).

So friends, what I need to know is --
1. Firstly, is this actually feasible?
2. If yes, then how do I go about it?
3. Does Boost Converter come into picture anywhere ?
4. Do I need to include and inductor in the circuit?

I am unable to think of anything apart from the above mentioned steps.
Hope some of our intelligent visitors would help me out with it.

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