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Need A Job? Join Stephen Hawking!

The salary is roughly £25k ($38.5k) and the start date is somewhere between 20 and 27 February 2011. 
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Saturday, December 31, 2011:  Well, if you have a superbrain that can be of help to the superstar physicist Stephen Hawking, you have clicked the right link. Stephen Hawking is looking for a geek to maintain his unique wheelchair. The celebrated author and cosmologist is offering a technical assistant job going, with a modest salary. The job requires you to maintain the electronic systems that allow him to speak in public and meet others in the world of Physics.

The selected candidate will be working for one of the University of Cambridge's top theoretical scientists...yet performing rather practical tasks. 
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Hawking suffers from a motor neurone disease, which has made him almost completely paralysed. He relies on his souped-up wheelchair to get out and about, and various bits of gear to translate small hand movements into words, spoken in the monotonic robotic voice that - outside the arena of particle physics - he is best-known for, said a report from The Register.

The unconventional job advertisement which informs about the job goes like this, “It is not a PhD or post-doc position for academics looking to study physics, but a purely technical post to allow Prof Hawking to function within the physics community and as a public speaker. The original purpose of this position was to aid Professor Hawking in those areas which he has difficulty due to his disability. The job has since expanded."

The role of 'Graduate Assistant to Professor Hawking' is being funded as a research post at the University of Cambridge. Normally it has been under a 12-month contract, although recent graduate assistants have stayed on for several years. The salary is roughly £25k ($38.5k) and the start date is somewhere between 20 and 27 February 2011.

Click here to apply for the job. 
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