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PIC microcontroller with inbuilt RF and works on 1.8V

Microchip integrates low power PIC with RF transmitter

Microchip has integrated a low power 8-bit PIC microcontroller with a sub-GHz RF wireless transmitter. 
The device is also optimised to run Microchip’s royalty-free KEELOQ advanced code-hopping technology for secure links.
Aimed at remote keyless entry fobs for automobiles, garage doors and home security systems, the PIC12LF1840T48A device comes in a 14-pin TSSOP package.
With an operating voltage of 1.8V, the device is designed for low sleep mode current consumption, and is integrated with the transmitter in a way to enable fast wake-up and send functionality that takes advantage of the MCU’s 8 MIPS operation.
Application note AN1393 ‘Using the PIC12LF1840T48A Microcontroller with integrated sub-GHz Transmitter’ is available for download today, to assist engineers in developing remote-control designs.
The chip is sampling and volume production is expected in January.

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